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๑ Tredici ๑ Action ๑ Phone ๑ Backdated to Podfield

A; Action - Morning, Around town.

[If you happen to run into Romana around town, and you've met her before... well, you'll quickly notice that something's wrong. Very very wrong.

She's smiling.

And calling out to passerbyers in a very bright cheerful voice]
Ciao~! Such a beautiful day, si?

[Everybody run for the hills.]

B; Action - Locked to [ profile] muskatli.

[Here is a pod. Look at it rocking, as if someone's trying to break her way out with little success.

A very pissed off someone.]

C; Phone > Action for Partridge Drive, Afternoon

[The beginning of the fight between Romana and her double can be heard quite clearly, both women giving it their all. A carcophny of crashes, of glass breaking and Italian curses can be heard over the phone, ending with one loud smash as one Romana throws the other through the front window.

From her position in the shattered remains of the window, the real Romana takes a second to gloat, looking smugly down at her double. As she jumps out onto the grass the fake Romana scrambles to her feet, clutching a shard of glass tightly in one hand. It's clear, in the afternoon light just how hard both women have been fighting, both sporting bruises and cuts, hair rumbled and clothes ripped. But neither looks ready to give up.

For a few seconds both Romana's stare at each other, waiting for the other to make the next move. While neither does, the real Romana does speak.]

As you can see, I don't appreciate imposters, cagna.

Vaffanculo, puttana!

[The fake snarls as she delievers her insult before lunging forward, bringing the glass up in a harsh swipe. Real Romana just ducks back in time, the glass giving her a new cut on her right forearm. In retaliation she grabs a piece of wood from the broken window frame, swinging it like a baseball bat at the fake's face.

Do you even dare intervene?]

D; Phone - After the previous call.

Ah. I assume people heard parts of that? Sorry... but that cagna is taken care of, whatever it was. No need to worry.

... How was everyone elses day then?

(ooc: red= real Romana, green=fake)


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[If you hug him Romana, like Austria did, he's not sure what he'll do.

At least she was a pretty girl, and not his distant uncle/cousin thing.]
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[Netherlands will look behind himself, then off to the side to see who she is talking to. Until he realizes she's smiling at him. She was so cute when she wasn't trying to kill him.]

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[. . . Romana was never cute. Ever.]

You're so creative, with an insult like that.

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[Not even a little.]

Just because you're too short.


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[Hungary's mood has been getting progressively worse throughout the day, and it's nothing to do with any sudden change in her personality.

But a passive aggressive comment too many has finally tipped her over the edge. There's enough aggression by the time she finds Romana.]

Honey, you'll have to shield your face somehow before I smash this thing...
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Here goes... [She mutters under her breath, swinging the heavy Teflon pan experimentally. Dresses like the mindless drones, does she... Hair prettier when it's longer, right, mister Austria? And she's put on weight, apparently, and she's almost a mindless native--]



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[Nothing happens at first upon initial contact, save for a small crack.

Then she hits it again and again and again until the crack widens with a sickening crunch. She stills herself when she remembers Romana's still inside.]

Don't worry! I'm almost done with this contraption!

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Oh, silly me. Forgot myself for a moment. [She hasn't been that angry since sharing a house with Prussia. Flinging the frying pan aside, she reaches for her long knife, wedging it carefully into one of the larger cracks to work it apart.]

Cover your face, just in case... [With a forceful yank, she dislodges the piece over Romana's chest. Wiping her forehead, she then peers down.] Are you unharmed?

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[Crouching next to the pod, Hungary starts chipping at it from the side.] Press your feet against the glass and push. That way you won't end up hurting your fingers. [Even as her own strain and are scratched for her efforts. The thought of others trapped like this fill her with dread.]

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It's alright! You're going to be alright! [Hungary reassures her, reaching forward to remove the oppressive piece off her chest.] Sorry about that. I should have anticipated it...


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( ( Spain's heard about everything that's happening in Mayfield and he's going around town, trying to find his friends. After hearing Romana's phone call, he makes a dash to her house.

Spain is not afraid to get involved-- but wait, which one is real? Is it the one getting beat up or the one winning or-- He can't just sit back and wait. Spain rushes over and tries to find an opening to keep them both apart. He doesn't really care if he gets hurt in the process. ) )

Ay! Romana! Roma-- both of you, stop right now!

Re: 2/2

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I know that! But I'm not going to let you or you hurt Romana. ) ( ( He holds onto the first one who spoke and keeps an eye on the other. Everything is happening to fast for him to pay close attention to which one is which-- not that he would really be able to tell based on physical appearance alone.

When the second one speaks, he snaps, too caught up in the chaos to worry about keeping himself in check, ) )

Ay, watch how you speak to Romana.
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( ( Spain wouldn't know the difference between pod and nation strength. He tries to grab Romana but before he can, the second one is already behind him. He looks back to see her and back at the other.

Which once is real? He wonders, unsure of what to do. All he can do, however, is stand between the two of them, trying to keep them from hurting each other. One of them has to be real. He looks forward, at Romana and manages an apologetic smile, ) )

I'm sorry, Romana. I'm not very good when it comes to tricks.

Until I know the answer, I can't let you hurt each other. You'll have to get through me first.
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( ( You're an idiot. Oh, he's beginning to suspect which one is real. Before the thought can develop into certainty, he catches both moving, and there's barely enough time to act.

He begins to turn to catch the false one from striking. He can't let Romana get hurt. While he's looking away, he feels a tug at his arm. ) )

What are you do-- ( ( She's pulling him away and he finds himself on his back on the ground. As he's falling he can see Romana rush by him and tackle the other to the ground. There is a scream. He can hear his name being called. Which one is it?) ) Romana!

( ( He clambers up just in time to see the end. Spain is frozen in between getting up, with a hand a knee on the ground. His eyes move from one body to the next. The blood spilling from the neck on one and the hand of the other.

Finally, on his feet, he rushes over to the two of them, pulling Romana off of the body. He places both hands on her shoulders and stares into her eyes. Complete and total fear, confusion, and concern searching for something certain. Oh, God. God, God, God, please let this be real. ) )

Roma-- Romana, say something.
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( ( He wishes there was a way to prove it too. He wonders: If it was Romano, would he know? He feels like, if it was, he would. But the fact is, this isn't Romano and this was (hopefully) Romana and there was nothing like a Mayfield nightmare to remind him that no matter how much he wanted to or thought he knew her like Romano, he didn't.

She pulls away and he can't hold onto her as much as he would want to. ) )

. . .
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( ( But Romano wasn't here and Romana was. There was no point in trying to complicate things by adding more problems to it. This is now and he was going to do what he could for now. Spain steps aside, managing another one of his smiles, and lets her go. ) )

Sí, sí, of course. Ah, look at this mess! I'll clean up some.

But if you need me. . .
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No, no, I want to. You wouldn't want Australia to come home and see the front yard like this, haha! ( ( It's a weak attempt at a joke. He watches as Romana heads inside. For a moment, he contemplates following her but

she's a strong woman and he's aware that, maybe, just for a moment, they both need to be alone to sort their thoughts. There is still some doubt in his mind and he looks back at the doppleganger once he is sure Romana is out of sight. He sees only a pile of clothes and kneels down to pick it up. Hm, he isn't sure if Romana would still want these but what did he know? After, Spain begins to pick at the yard, kicking the larger pieces of glass into a pile with the other shards. It doesn't take long.

After a moment, Spain goes into the house. First, he drops the clothes off next to the laundry-- it isn't hard to find since the house was only slightly different from his. He then goes into the kitchen and begins to prepare the coffee.

When Romana comes out the shower, she'll smell coffee and find a curiously thoughtful looking Spain at the kitchen counter, his fingers playing at his cross around his neck. ) )
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( ( When Romana enters, he stands up tall and drops the cross behind his shirt. It's unusual to see Romana dressed plainly compared to how she normally is. He takes a moment to confirm that she's still attractive but, well, there was a time and place for those kinds of compliments! Spain surveys to make sure she's taken care of herself, his eyes linger on her hands when she prepares her cup. ) )

. . . Do you need anything?

( ( A bandage for any wounds. Sugar for the coffee. . . . a cheer up charm. ) )
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( ( Again, silence. Spain opens his mouth once or twice to speak but stops himself each time, unsure of how to form the words he should say at a time like this until, ) )

The double is gone. She-- it-- disappeared after you left. The clothes were still there though. ( ( A pause. ) ) I left it by the laundry and. . .

I should have known you were. . . that that wasn't you. I'm sorry.
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But I want to.
( ( He doesn't even have to think about his answer and speaks simply-- honestly. Romano is Romano and Romana is Romana. He understands that. He knows that they're like two different sides of the coin but it wasn't like they were a completely different one all together. As different as the Nations themselves might be, Spain was still Spain and South Italy was still South Italy and the two countries shared a common history.

They had centuries of relations to work with and still, it was as if they were at square one. ) )

I want to know you too.
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Jaja, no, no, I don't think anyone can replace Romano. Ay, he wouldn't like it very much. ( ( He watches Romana's expression and smiles comfortingly, eyes focused on her, ) ) And you wouldn't like it if I tried to replace her either, would you?