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๑ Tredici ๑ Action ๑ Phone ๑ Backdated to Podfield

A; Action - Morning, Around town.

[If you happen to run into Romana around town, and you've met her before... well, you'll quickly notice that something's wrong. Very very wrong.

She's smiling.

And calling out to passerbyers in a very bright cheerful voice]
Ciao~! Such a beautiful day, si?

[Everybody run for the hills.]

B; Action - Locked to [ profile] muskatli.

[Here is a pod. Look at it rocking, as if someone's trying to break her way out with little success.

A very pissed off someone.]

C; Phone > Action for Partridge Drive, Afternoon

[The beginning of the fight between Romana and her double can be heard quite clearly, both women giving it their all. A carcophny of crashes, of glass breaking and Italian curses can be heard over the phone, ending with one loud smash as one Romana throws the other through the front window.

From her position in the shattered remains of the window, the real Romana takes a second to gloat, looking smugly down at her double. As she jumps out onto the grass the fake Romana scrambles to her feet, clutching a shard of glass tightly in one hand. It's clear, in the afternoon light just how hard both women have been fighting, both sporting bruises and cuts, hair rumbled and clothes ripped. But neither looks ready to give up.

For a few seconds both Romana's stare at each other, waiting for the other to make the next move. While neither does, the real Romana does speak.]

As you can see, I don't appreciate imposters, cagna.

Vaffanculo, puttana!

[The fake snarls as she delievers her insult before lunging forward, bringing the glass up in a harsh swipe. Real Romana just ducks back in time, the glass giving her a new cut on her right forearm. In retaliation she grabs a piece of wood from the broken window frame, swinging it like a baseball bat at the fake's face.

Do you even dare intervene?]

D; Phone - After the previous call.

Ah. I assume people heard parts of that? Sorry... but that cagna is taken care of, whatever it was. No need to worry.

... How was everyone elses day then?

(ooc: red= real Romana, green=fake)

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