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๑ Sei ๑ Action ๑

A. [Romana hadn't even glanced twice at the small package, setting down her knife on the chopping board as she opened it. As soon as the flap was lifted, the memories rushed back in Romana gasping as she stiffened.

Germany... Germany. He had come to her world in the past, Mayfield wasn't their first meeting. She swallows, letting the letter drop, turning the stove off in a daze. And then she snapped to attention, moving in quick military precision as she grabbed her coat and left the house, door banging shut.

She had to find him. Had to see if he remembered what they had shared, what they had done. Her breath appears on the air as she runs straight to his house, banging on the the front door with a fist, shaking slightly as she waits impatiently for him to answer his door.]

Germania, dammit, Germania, will you open the door per favore!

[There's no anger in her voice, just frustration, and slight worry. They were torn apart once before what was to say that their relationship wouldn't be interfered with again? Finally she slams her hand against the door once more, desperation completely clear]

Ludwig, bambino, open the door, per favore!

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[It came to him while he was feeding his puppy that morning. A merging of worlds, a meeting, which then turned to something truly unfathomable. Near incomprehensible...

The door opens for Romana not long after she begins calling for him. Embarrassment and confusion make it impossible for Germany to look directly at her, though he manages to catch a few quick glances as he speaks, face covered in an obvious blushing red.]
W-what's all this about? Some in my household are still sleeping.

[His harsh words are forced, and quite weak in tone.]

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[A forgotten love returns

It feels like something even more profound than the memories he regained this morning. He doesn't know why.

He feels happy, though, and leans down into it so she doesn't have to reach so high. The tiny German engineers inside his head are completely stumped, but at least he doesn't seem about to faint...does he?]

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S-stop-- This isn't good, not [gets kissed] not out in public. People will see.

[Still too confused to smile back, and something about being kissed on the lips on Valentines' Day by an Italian brings up other, more recent memories that he'd rather not recall while he deals with this aaah] So it's true...? If you also remembered...

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There's nothing to be sorry about. I can't believe the town would stoop so low to hide a memory like that. [Clenching his fist in anger, but only for a moment. Seeing her face like that sends a sting through his chest, and after just the slightest bit of hesitation, reaches forward to simply take a hold of the hand at her side reassuringly.]

. . .

I thought it might be a trick... [Is that low voice of his cracking? You must be imagining things.] But you remember... There was an international meeting we left. I can't believe I did that.

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[Blush returning again as he's hugged, Germany slowly brings his arms around Romana, wanting to make it better somehow.] You're right... I didn't know even before I ended up here. [So used to sudden happenings and strange coincidences being the fault of the town, he can't help but suspect right away. Her logic clears it up, though.] They must've erased our memories after the worlds...

[Unable to finish the sentence, scrunching up his brow as he bows his head low to rest atop Romana's.]




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[Phone call after phone call. A few house visits. A few times stopping himself from going home to Romana's arms, reminding himself why he's doing this. It'll be fine. He can trust what he knows. Even if Mayfield has plagued his sanity for so long, sending all kinds of curveballs his way, they've never been able to alter the memories he has. The town had blocked memories before, yes, but never created false ones. You either remember your past, or you don't; it's still your past, though.

Your past, your memories, your very self.

Germany hangs up the phone after one more call. There've been many, today, though he was expecting as much on a holiday. No sign of any mischief by the for everyone regaining some lost memories.

Some lost, made-up memories.

He can't take his eyes away from the phone for a while.]


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[Late afternoon, Romana gets a phone call...]

I'm sorry that I took so long. I've been investigating near-tirelessly, ever since you left the house. Bruder would never be convinced to believe us if I did not..

[He is trying so hard

with every fiber in his body

not to fuck this up]


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[He knew seeing her in person would be terrifying, but even just hearing her happy tone of voice is enough to make him want to give up his strategy entirely. What strategy was it, anyway? He has none. That, and he can't stop thinking about every detail in every single one of their rendezvous back then in that false backstory Mayfield cooked up... And the feelings, little fragments of what's left of them, still dance around painfully in his chest.]

Ah, erm, I haven't spoken with him quite yet... If I didn't approach it just right, he might never speak to me again.

[Stalling, his mind races. This can't go on forever, surely everything will revert back to normal within a week's time as is usual in the town, right? She'll realize eventually on her own... Can't he just find some excuse to give her...]

Y-You made dinner? Oh. Oh... That sounds...genuinely delicious.

[He wants to cry. Both from frustration and the conflict of feelings still warring inside his heart-- mind-- himself, something!!]


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[And then, suddenly

of course of course]
I never wanted to do this to you, Chiara, but I've made a mistake. I'm calling from jail, I'm sorry. You're phone call... I'm sorry.

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It's... I'm at fault.

One of the drones...wouldn't...leave me alone, about you. About us. I tried my best to ignore him, but he kept following me, and he said things about you. Terrible... awful things about you, and I couldn't hold back any longer. He, ah... I...

I l-lost control.

[Is he doing this... Someone save him...]

They tell me I won't get bail. My hearing is next week.

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[Germany hates lying, and this is why




I'm happy that you're coming to visit me, but please, would you first...stop house. Bruder's gone by now, so perhaps you could pick up some of the beers from the freezer chest for me. Th-they've given me permission to have one a day.

[Okay what else]

You can help me get out by being the angel you are...

[Wh...what does that mean...]

I'm so sorry, please don't make this worse by getting into trouble yourself. They didn't drone me, but what if they drone you? I won't have it!

I'll see you. Drive safely and slowly, for me..?


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