Italy Romana | Chiara Vargas
07 November 2010 @ 12:03 am
[It's been a few days since her arrival in Mayfield, and most of that time has been spent wandering around her new house, trying to find anything that resembles her usual clothes, before giving up. Then she went back to exploring the kitchen.

Initially, she had wrinkled her nose at the candy, pushing it aside. It seemed... off. But as much as she tried to put it out of her mind, it kept sneaking in, she kept finding herself standing before the bucket, staring down at the colours.

Finally, she had given. One tiny piece wouldn't hurt, and this way she could put her mind to rest over whether it was edible or not. Spice hits her tongue, Romana coughing before racing off to get a glass of water. Racing off in bright red stripper heels.

...After the candy Romana decided the next thing on her list of things to do today, was to finally go outside and meet the neighbours. And show them just how nice she could be.

So, dressed in the most skimpiest nurse dress ever, you can find Romana roaming the streets of Mayfield, flirting with anyone who passes her, pouting when the drones reject her]