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001: She’s only 5'1". Venezia is 5'4". So Romana is always in ridiculous heels to try and look a little less short.
002: She's know to hide Venezia's shoes if they have what she deems as too much heel.
003: She’s a 12B (Australian)(which makes her a 34B US, 34C UK, 75CEU/JAP, 90CB/E/F and a 2CI/CZ )
004: She also has a tendency to pad, wear push ups, anything to give a little extra boost. Reason? Venezia’s at least a C cup.
005: Before the end of World War 2 she had hip length hair. She cut it all off to a style similar to Romano’s to join her people in liberating the North, and to get her sister back. And then she’s never really grown it all back out, because it just wouldn't be the same. She claims it’s because it’s just easier to take care of a shorter cut though.
006: She thinks it was one of her best features though. And when ever someone mentions how pretty her hair was she’ll get a little sad.
007: She has a scar, rather like a burn scar under her left breast from the Bombing of Naples. There’s also a small bit over her left upper arm, more like a slash. She’s pretty sure no one knows about it. She’s never given anyone the opportunity to see it. It’s just another flaw to her. Another sign that she wasn’t strong enough.
008: She tries to get and keep an in with all the Italian fashion designers. And she keeps an eye on all the up and coming ones. She prides herself on looking good, and having an in helps. She has quite a few custom pieces, and she’s quite proud of this.
009: As a child, she had a bit of a crush on Fem!Prussia. Her hair was short then, and she looked like the cool knight. Fem!Spain thought it was adorable. And then Romana found out Fraussia was a girl and she was so embarrassed oh my god you have no idea. She made Femspana promise that she would never ever ever tell Fraussia about the crush, on pain of death via angry preteen Romana.
010: It’s also part of the reason she can be extra bitchy around Fraussia in the present day. She still remembers her little crush and she’s still so embarrassed by it, so it’s so much easier to be a bitch and troll Fraussia, because by doing that she had absolutely no feelings what so ever for the other nation.
011: This crush left Romana really confused as to do with her sexuality. While she occasionally does find other woman pretty, she is overall, heterosexual. She can admire other women’s beauty but the idea of sleeping with a woman doesn’t interest her in the slightest. She’s not sexually attracted to women. (She's a biromantic heterosexual basically)
012: She’s also a virgin. As a child she was taught by the Church and Femspana that her virginity was something very important, and that is should be kept for her husband. While she realised she might never have a husband, she did take the fact that it was supposedly important to heart. And she’s just never found anyone she found important enough, or loved enough to give it to, or lose it to. Boigium is like a brother to her, Mangary filling a similar role and she’s not really that close to any of the other male nations. And humans don’t live as long, she doesn’t let herself fall in love with them because she knows she’ll only end up heartbroken.
013: She’s naturally left handed, but has forced dextrality. As a child her tutors would smack her on the left handed if they caught her writing with it, or doing anything that favoured it over her right. This is from the old idea that it was wrong to write with your left hand. Nowdays she uses her left, unless the scarring on that arm is acting up and making it painful to use. Then she’ll use the right.
014: She has a ridiculously low tolerance to alcohol. Just a glass is enough to get her happily tipsy. So she usually abstains from drinking. And is she does drink she’ll try and water the drink down, or just take tiny sips.
015: And when she gets drunk she is very very happy. Suddenly she’s cuddling to people, smiling more frequently, and she gets loud. She flirts. It’s scary.
016: She does however make her own wine. Her house in Naples has a huge garden/vineyard/orchard etc, and everytime the season comes she’ll go out and stomp the grapes. It’s messy as hell, but she does find it fun in some ways, and even though doesn’t usually drink, she will allow herself a few glasses of her own stuff if she’s home alone and no one can judge her.
017: She smokes. Socially and when stressed. She prefers Italian brands, mainly Diana, and now days she does try and limit herself... But as soon as she’s stressed, out come the cigarettes and the lighter.
018: She’s an excellent cook. Venezia might be the artist by some of the things Romana can make could be called art.
019: She really does love cooking, and it’s one of the things she’s so proud about. She doesn’t even mind that she generally has to cook for Venezia, she may bitch about how lazy her sister is, but secretly it makes her feel quite proud that her sister wants to eat her food.
020: In the present day Romana has 3 homes. The first is the one she shares with Venezia, in Rome. It’s a penthouse apartment, with a brilliant view, and it’s clear that two different people live in the house. It’s decorated in a way that shows both girls tastes, and while Romana likes it, it’s not her favourite home. It is the one she stays at most of the time though. The second one is in Sicily and is a large single bedroom apartment, over looking the water. It’s furnished in a modern style, leather couches and glass tables and while it looks good, you can tell it’s a house not lived in. She stays at this one the least. The last one is on the outskirts of Naples and is a large, old house, with sprawling gardens with vineyards and orchards. It’s pretty much in it’s original state, aside from some additions of modern comforts. This is her favourite because it’s hers. Just hers, and the place she goes to when she needs to get away from everything. The furniture is old but still sturdy, mostly wood. And if you get an invite to this house you’re very very lucky. This is her hideaway, her sanctuary, she keeps it very private.
021: While she’s good with traditional/old dances, Romana is hopeless at more modern styles. If anyone managed to drag her to a club she’d be the one standing on the wall, staring in fear. She just doesn’t get it. She needs some structure to her dancing.
022: She is very graceful though, and it's a good thing with her choice of footwear.
023: She learnt to play the violin as a child. It was one of the few things fem!Austria taught her. However, these days she rarely plays it, and can only play simple things. She just fell out of practice, and she’s generally too busy to try and pick it up and devote any real serious practice to it. So she doesn’t see the point.
024: She’s a mezzo-soprano and mostly sings at home. Occasionally at Church, where she blends in with the crowd. But rarely ever solo. She’s too scared of being judged and told she, well, sucks. She’s a very good singer though, for all her self consciousness. And while she mostly sings hymns or traditional songs, she’s quite good at jazz, and occasionally you can catch her humming the tune of a pop hit.
025: Her favourite styles of music are old, folky songs and jazz.
026: When she was a child her heart was Naples. Now it’s Rome. But Naples will always be very very important to her, and that’s why her scarring from the bombings is so close to her heart.
027: As a child Romana wore her hair in two high pigtails, similar to England’s. Femspana got the idea from Fem!France and when Romana realised she refused to ever let Femspana style her hair that way again. These days she will deny deny deny that she ever had pigtails.
028: Fem!Spain taught her to fence as a child, in secret. She believed Romana should have every chance that she would have had she been a boy. Her first sword was a gorgeous silver with red rubies around the hand guard, and Romana still has it.
029: Romana however taught herself to shoot. She’s a brilliant marksman too, and over all she prefers guns over most weapons. Means she can be less close to those she’s attacking, and yet still close enough to make sure she’s succeeded.
030: She does use knives sometimes though. She generally has a small switchblade on her, and she will use it if she must. Sometimes knives are better than guns, more quieter for one.
031: She is involved in the mafia. The level of involvement differs where she is though. In Sicily, the respect she has is begrudging, and she doesn’t have a lot of power, where as in somewhere in Naples she is well respected and has a lot of sway with the local families. This is simply because Sicily gives less control to women unless it’s the last choice where in Naples women, specifically wives will be the right hand man of a boss, especially when he’s in hiding/prison. Either way, Romana tries to limit her involvement to making sure family blood feuds don’t get out of control sane, that her other people aren’t bullied too much, and that the mafia never spreads into the North.
032: Cherry tomatoes are her favourite type. Small, easy to snack on, not going to make a lot of mess because they’re small. And healthy, meaning she can still watch her figure.
033: Speaking of figures she watches hers very closely. She tends to put on weight around her hips if she’s not careful, but being careful in her diet and constantly being on the move most of the time means she tends to stay around the same time.
034: Her legs are her best feature. Longer than average, very well toned and heels only draw more attention to them, making them seem even longer. She’s short yes, but she has very long legs for her height. Her ass is a close second though.
035: Occasionally she does need to wear glasses. Just for reading, and mostly when she’s tired/reading lots of stuff. Hey being close to 3000 years old does that to you. They’re black, Gucci and look similar to this.
036: Ancient Greece actually found her first. She was born when the people from Greece began moving into the southern half of the peninsula, and originally Romana was known as Manga Greecia. She spent her early years with Ancient Greece, and he became a mentor/grandfather figure to her, until one day, Rome appeared and Ancient Greece willingly handed Romana over to the female empire. They were family, how could he not. Romana still thinks fondly of the man though. He gave her the beginnings of her culture, how could she not? And yes, she does have a fairly good relationship with Greece, akin to something like cousins or distant half-sisters.
037: She has really small hands and feet, as well as ears. And by small I mean tiny enough that people like to point it out in the “Oh my gosh your hands are so tiny!!!” Her feet are also a size smaller than Venezia.
038: If she was one of the seven deadly sins she would be envy, not wrath like many might expect. She can be an extremely jealous person.
039: She refuses to talk to anyone before she's had her morning cappuccino. Which is probably a good thing for everyone considering.
040: She is ridiculously fussy over coffee. Milk in anything but her morning cappuccino disgusts her and she is a total beans snob. Refuses to even look at instant.
041: She doesn't know how to make English tea and asking her to do it is asking for trouble. (it goes something like this)
042: She has a sweet tooth, and one of her weaknesses is dark chocolate.
043: She's naturally a brunette, but puts a red tint through it to give it it's more reddish look.