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Backtagging:| Ahhh I am the worst at being a fast tagger, so this is perfectly fine!

Threadhopping: Unless it's marked private, go nuts. If you're not sure, ask!

Fourthwalling: Seeing as Romana's from the modern day, there is little about her past that will surprise her, so go ahead. As for the fact that she is a made up character, I would prefer that you refrained from mentioning it.

Offensive Subjects: As she is a country with a vast history, there will be offensive subjects. Please, discuss these with me before bring them up in game. Not for me, but for everyone else in these games. I do not want to offend anyone.


Yes. Unless you're family she'll be quite tense though, and will try and escape after what she deems an acceptable amount of time.

Kissing: Yes. But don't be surprised if she reacts badly, and maybe even physically hits out. While she can tolerate a cheek kiss (She is European after all), lip kissing is something that will make her shriek and react badly, unless your character's relationship with her is at that stage. Then it'll just be a lot of blushing and embarrassment for the first few times.

Flirting: Lmao, sure... Again, she'll get blushy and wave you off, completely sure that you're just doing it to get on her good side.

Fighting: Sure! Just be aware, if your character starts it, there is very little chance of Romana backing down. She's a stubborn one.

Injury/Death: Minor injury-like bruises from light fighting, or hair pulling is fine, no need to ask! But for something like a loss of limb, or death, please ask because despite my love of angst I'd like such serious things to have a reason.

Telepathy/Mind Reading Abilities Yes. But again, she will freak out, and potentially attack if she realises that someone's seeing all her hidden thoughts. She likes her privacy.