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Italy Romana | Chiara Vargas ([personal profile] tomatatas) wrote2012-03-09 08:40 pm

Ideas for HST101

-Older child of divorced parents.
-Shares an apartment with Alice.
-Her English isn't that great, and she often mixes up English phrases (like saying sugar jacket instead of sugar coat, ) Her best english is swear words, and her fave english curse is son of a bitch
-Fusses over some people, mostly if she thinks they need another mother.
-Is a 'Mean Girl'
-Plays on the girl's soccer team
-Very Fashion conscious and appearance conscious. Always wears 3 inch heels cus she's a shorty. Only wears Italian designer.
-Skilled in cooking and sewing, not so much in any other subjects. Is an ok artist, and knows the violin. Also can sing well.
-Goes to the town Catholic Church ever Sunday. Tries to drag Alice along every time, with little success?
-Gets into physical fights every now and then but somehow escapes punishment, possibly by bribing...