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๑ Dieci ๑ Action ๑ Phone ๑

A. Action.

[Her footsteps quick, Romana hurries home, hair in a tangled mess, some blood on her blouse. Any cut or bruise seems to be fading, her nationhood returned. She can feel it inside her, the strength of all her people, helping her to keep going. The first death hadn't been easy, physically, nor had it been emotionally. Guilt still naws at her, even as Romana frowns and shakes her head to clear it. What's done is done, and when it comes down to it... one person, one person for so many, for her sister. It was a needed sacrifice, and really... everyone came back in this town.

She can't regret it, not fully. And she knows, if she had to, she'd do it again. Which is why she barely flinches when a new letter is found on her doorstep, a new name and photo slipping out. Her eyes close briefly, and she can feel the photos of her people and her sister burning in her other hand. Well then. That was that, this... game wasn't over. Swallowing, she heads inside, and only then does she let the mask crack a little, only for a few minutes. And then it's business as usual.]

B. Phone.

[The emotion in Romana's voice is clear, moving from concern into threatening as the call goes on]

If anyone sees Veneziano, Feliciano, the little boy with a curl that sticks out to the side and will rave about pasta... make sure he stays inside. I swear... I swear, if anyone lays a finger on him, if anyone hurts him...

I'll make it my personal mission to destroy you, got it?

C. Action; locked to Steven's Road, specifically 2239

[Hair pulled back into a tight bun, and her curl flattened to lessen the chance of being recognised, Romana has managed to hunt her next target's home down. And after changing into an outfit more suitable for fighting and restocking her weapons she now waits, watching the house for a sign of movement. She doesn't feel too anxious to rush in, knowing from years of experiences that it's best to hold the higher ground and wait.

In the meantime, she'll just be hanging out in a tree, tucked up and away and checking her guns.]


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Who'd waste their time killing a kid?

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It's a fucking question god-damn it! Who the hell would even bother killing a brat!? [This coming from him.]

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Eh, figures. So why don't ya teach the little guy how to use a gun?

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Then hand him a bat or something.

And what the hell's a Nonna and Nonno?


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...No one will touch him.


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-The movement wouldn't come form within the house, but rather from without. Eirin had been at Olivier's most of the day, after all. And after the fallout there, she needed some time alone to clear her head, and of course to restock her poisons now that she could.

Seemingly defenseless, she walked up to her door, pulling out the house keys. In all honesty, the "defenselessness" was likely extremely suspicious in and of itself. No one would walk with that sort of confidence in Mayfield at a moment like this...-

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-A previously unseen substance seems to move all at once to the point where the bullet would have struck. It appears to be a gas, but nothing can be certain by just a glance. It acts as something of a force field, stopping the bullet just shy of breaking the skin as Eirin's hair is singed by the heat.

The confidence, it seems, was not unfounced

In the same motion, she turns around and tosses a syringe in the direction of the shot, hoping to get her attacker before they are able to hide.-

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-Eirin reaches into her coat, tossing out a small green vial that shatters against the ground. The green gas that pours out has a toxic, suffocating scent.-

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-Eirin returns fire with a few more tossed vials, pouring out the same toxic gas. She needed to ready her bow... But it wasn't looking like the girl would give her any chances.-

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-Just as the Italian appeared, more gas rushed up between them. Not nearly as poisonous as the other gas, this one just obscured vision, completely blanketing the area in black smoke. Probably still not a good idea to breath it in.-

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-The bullet doesn't quite find its mark, but it still manages to cause more than enough grazing damage. Blood splatters onto Eirin's dress as her collar is damaged. Damn it... She didn't want it to come to this, but she's left no choice.

Pulling out another syringe, this time she injects herself, letting out a grunt that may have well given away her position. Still, she stays on the move. Soon, the drug would take effect...-

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-There's a sensation of glass shattering in her mind as the enhancement drug finally goes into her system. The mighty Grand Patriot's Elixir, as she had named it once upon a time. That drug that had given the LDC the edge over all of their enemies. Her senses tingled, her muscles rippled, and everything around her suddenly became clear, even through the dense toxic gases.

But at what cost?

... Well... she already knew that. What happened with a full three dosages, which she had injected.

It didn't matter. She found Romana, and charged her with a primal scream no mortal being had heard from her.-

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S-sorella? Are you okay?

[The whole town's been crazy lately. Something about letters, but he didn't get one, so he isn't sure why everyone is fighting all of a sudden.]

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Stay inside? Why? What's going on?
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[Leaning against the wall inside.]

G'day, love.
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[Follows her.] S'gotta be one or the other? You're a right mess.
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No one's gettin' at the kids without going through me first. ["Kids". Even if Seborga's a drone now, he counts.] Bit more worried about where it came from than whether or not it'll wash out, sweetness.
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Unless you're a zombie! [He can't help smiling. Being serious for too long feels weird.]
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... [Reaches out to squeeze her shoulder.] You regret it?
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[He squeezed tightly again before letting go.] Yeah, I get it. [He probably would have done the same for his people, or for his sisters. All the same, he's glad he doesn't have to.] Just making sure you were okay.
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Buuuuullshit. [Australia rolled his eyes, leaning against the counter.] Cut the noble sacrifice shit, you're not Jesus no matter how hard you've been nailed to a cross. If you're not okay, you're not okay. S'fine.
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'm not mocking you, 'm saying you don't have to be all high and mighty about this. Do it all you want, I can't stop ya. Not that I approve, but I see where you're coming from...
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I'd butcher anyone that hurt my girls, given the shot. And... Yeah. You gotta look after your own. Pre-emptive strikes are a little messy and you can't take anything this town tells you seriously, so it's that bit that's kinda off...

You're on tricky moral ground, kind of, but that's for the humans to decide.