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[It's just another ordinary day in Mayfield. The weather is warm enough that for once Romana dares to wear something that doesn't cover her arms. It's still modest enough, and seeing how he body has lost all traces of it scars, she feels confident in her choice.

For once she feels content. The sun is bright, birds are chirping, and she's managed to find all the ingredients she needs for her Easter feast. And even though she could have taken her vespa to the shop, she chose to walk with the last of the groceries, some deeply repressed part of her wanting to enjoy the sunshine and crisp air.

Stopping outside 750 Partridge lane, Romana opens the mail box, pulling out a few bills, as well as a letter addressed to her. A slight frown forming, she opens it, the frown deepeningen only a photograph slides out. The courtyard of the church of her namesake... in it's ruin...

The photo falls from her hand, as well as the rest of the mail and groceries as Romana shrieks in agony, clutching her left shoulder and falling to her knees as a ugly red burn scar appears, covering her forearm, the marks on her chest covered by her dress.]
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( ( The weather is nice today, isn't it? He went out for a run but it wasn't enough. A beautiful day like this should be spent with someone! But who? After stopping by a few houses and receiving no answer, he's on his way back home to maybe work in the garden at home instead. On his way, he sees that Romana is home. He wants to talk to her!

. . . But that hadn't been going well the last few times. M-maybe he'll just go home. There's a shriek and he looks back to see her drop her things. Spain can't just ignore a woman like that so he runs over to help. He'll leave after he helps her, really. ) )

Ay, hey, I'll help-- Romana? ( ( What's that on her arm? ) )
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( ( Even though he came to help with the groceries, Romana is more important than a few dropped vegetables. He reaches over to help her once he sees her struggling, ) )

It's me; Spain. What's wrong? Did something. . . Did something happen?
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( ( His eyes dart away when she speaks but then they go back. And then he looks at her again. ) )

You're hurt-- Ay, let me help you!

( ( And he keeps trying to help her. ) )
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( ( He pulls his hand back and stares. He isn't sure what's going on but he still wants to help. But how? It's the mark on her arm, isn't it? While not the most intuitive of nations, he knows enough about women to know how important appearances are. So he looks away and kneels down, beginning to pick up the dropped groceries and mail, ) )

Go inside, I'll bring everything in for you.
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Of course but I want to do this, okay? ( ( He doesn't argue but he won't let her help. Spain watches her careful as she gets up and heads into the home. As he picks up the remaining items, he can hear her small cries and he sneaks looks back at her. How was she hurt? Who hurt her? Was it from the town? Or maybe it was from before. . . He'd never seen it before now.

Ooh, what now, Spain? He wasn't sure what to do. Once he collects everything, he doesn't follow right away. Was it all right to follow her yet? ) )

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[Any super hero, even a failure of one knows what to do when a woman can be heard shrieking, to come running, and that's what this idiot does at Romania's yells bounding down the block he'll stop a few feet from her]

"Ma'am, what happened? Do you need any help?"

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[Booster meets her gaze with an actually genuinely concerned one]

"Are you sure? I can help you inside and call a doctor. I mean, sudden surprises get everyone from time to time and I hear this town is extra sadistic with them."

"Wait... Luthor is the doctor here... I can help you find a first aid kit. I've gotten kicked around enough to know how to use that stuff."

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"That's not true, I've lost arms in the past. Whole arms. And there are people out there that can grow new ones. I'm not one of them, but, maybe someone at the hospital can."

[For such a stupid statement he does look completely sincere]

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"Maybe some ice then? Look, I'm kind of a screw up of a super, but, seeing a pretty girl in pain isn't my thing."

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[Seborga comes running out of the house at the sound of the shriek.

Yes, running. She's that important to him, okay?]

Cugina! W-what's wrong?

[Running over to her. He hasn't seen the burn scar just yet.]

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[Too late. He's seen the scarring, and now he's even more worried.]

Y-you're hurt! How...

[He reaches for her hand.]

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I... I... I should call a doctor! Or help treat your burns! Or something! You need help!

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I can't just leave you here!