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๑ Otto ๑ Phone ๑

A. [On the floor of Mayfield's Church of Salvation, just behind the alter, you can find Romana's body, neck broken, with a bottle of Holy Water spilt next to her. Her eyes are shut, a single tear in the corner of her eye]

B. [Sometime later there's a call, the voice clearly Romana's, even if it is choked up in what sounds like tears]

It hurts... bastardi, it hurts so much... why didn't you help, why, I would have helped you...

[A small burst of static interrupts her and the line goes silent, the voice waiting for a response before continuing it's game]

C. [She's warm, comfortable, as Romana wakes, sleepily eyeing the room Mayfield has given her. In the moments of her first waking she lazily rolls over, her mind slowly focusing on yesterday. And when she remembers she gasps, sitting up quickly, her hand flying to her neck. While it feels perfectly fine, she still gets up quickly, to the small vanity table, to check the mirror, needing visual evidence to abate her fears.

...she's fine. There's not a bruise, not a scratch, nothing. She swallows, shaky fingers tracing a line down her throat as she stares. She was dead, she knows. It may have been a quick death, but it happened.

Eventually she makes it to the phone, cradling the base unit in her lap as she leans against the wall. Her voice, without her realising, is nearly identical to the one the angel used yesterday.]

Is... is anybody there?

B..... because he needs more trauma.

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S- sorella? What happened?

Yes. Yes it would. I almost did that too. ^^;

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Wh- who did? Are you okay? Do you need help?

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( ( Who is this woman calling him and why is she crying? It takes Spain a second to figure out who it is. ) )

¿Qué? Romana? W-what's wrong? ¡Romana!
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( ( Are you ready for thirty questions? ) )


Was I supposed to do someth--

You never--

What are you talking--

N-no! No! I didn't-- What's wrong, Romana? Are you okay? Where are you?

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lamingtons: (Holy shit!)


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... Wog-babe?
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You're not dead.

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What hurts? Is there something wrong?

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Tell me, did you come in contact with one of those statues?


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[Italy arrives at the church as quickly as possible. He doesn't know what he can do to help, but... but... She's his sister. He can't afford to be useless. Especially after that one statue ate Miss Hungary. He stands at the door, taking a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves enough to enter.]
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( ( Spain arrives shortly after. He's about to completely bowl over Italy but he manages to stop himself. While Spain is at rest, he tries to catch his breath. Why, yes, he did run the entire way here but that isn't important. Who's this boy? What's he doing here-- ) )

¿Italia? What are you doing here?

( ( Why is he little? Wait, that isn't important. ) )

Go home.

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Big brother Spain?

[What is he doing here?]

I can't leave! Sorella is in there. And she's hurt! And those things already ate Miss Hungary....

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C! /breaks up the hetalia party

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Um, yes? Do you need help miss?

no :|

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[There is a soft 'oh' and a bit of shuffling, she goes to look out the window, even if she didn't see any Angels she knew better than to think they were all gone]

I don't think so, are you okay though? I'm not a doctor but I do know first aid.


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B - the latest!

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[Seborga picks up the phone, clearly worried.]

Cugina? What's wrong?

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Y-y-you're a zombi now?
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( ( When Spain answers the phone, he's not sure what he expects to hear. However, he knows he wasn't expecting Romana's voice and after what happened yesterday, he's not at all pleased to hear it, ) )

Stop it.
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( ( Spain notes the change in tone but after what happened the day before, he's skeptical about believing what he hears, ) )

Why are you still doing this? You've done enough damage so stop.

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> Action?

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