Italy Romana | Chiara Vargas
03 January 2011 @ 06:07 am
[A. Shortly after 10 o'clock there is a phone call, one Romana meant to filter to nations she knows, and then Germany. Alas, she hasn't gotten the hang of filtering yet, so it's an open call]

Should... is this a trick? If I vote yes, go home, will I go to some fucked up version of my home where everyones dead and gone? Or will I really go home? Most of you have been here longer then I have so... I need you advice, per favore.

Which is the safe option?

[B. Then later, in the afternoon, Romana can be found wandering through Mayfield's park, all rugged up. Her hands in the pocket of her coat she doesn't look as she walks, each step slow. She seems deep in though, a frown clear as she takes a seat on the park bench, looking up as she leans back. To stay, here in this place, or go, back home, which hopeful won't be slowing sliding into another war. To stay and protect Seborga and Veneziano, or protect Venezia. But what if it's all a trap...

Closing here eyes she sighs, sinking down slightly. There's no easy choice is there?]