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Italy Romana | Chiara Vargas ([personal profile] tomatatas) wrote2011-09-03 11:35 pm

๑ Dodici ๑ Action ๑ Locked to [ profile] macanese

[Romana wakes with a start, her body instantly knowing something's not right. Was it the feel of silk sheets, a too soft bed, or the painful press of the wire in the lingerie the town's given her, or just some six sense, she's not sure. But she's awake, and while her first instinct is to shriek in indignation at her state of undress, she manages to control herself, her cheeks still bright red.

Slowly, she slides out of bed, only sparing Macau the briefest of looks as she tries her best to pull the sheet with her. He won't mind, he's not allowed to mind, he has a suit, when all she has is some silk, lace and fuzz. She'll get angry if he minds, she decides, wrapping the sheet around her body, and creeping to the door. Hopefully, she can just sneak out, run home, and then freak out without anyone seeing he-

the door's locked. And no matter how hard she pulls, it won't come undone. Her tugging starts to become frantic, the sheet slipping and finally Romana's foot flies at the door, landing with a solid thud that's followed by a sharp cry of pain]

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