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๑ Quattro ๑ Action ๑

[You can find Romana in  places. Ultimately though, they all lead to the same purpose: Finding a way out, now. Someone got their gift.]

A: [Kneeling in front doorway of 750 Partridge drive, staring in shock at a small hand mirror, a few tears creeping down her cheeks as the hand holding the mirror shakes. If you look in the mirror, what do you see? The same thing as Romana does, death and destruction, Italy following Germany into another way, the Allies of World War 2 being the enemy of Germany again, Spain taking a stand this time, following France only to get knocked down by Hungary, a grim look on the man's face. And from the look of the world, this is not 1940's]

B: [On the way through town, military uniform on, determination and tear streaks on her face as she ignores pretty much everyone. The mirror's still in her hand, a jagged crack running across the glass though the pieces stay in place.]

C: [At the hardware store, going through the range of guns Mayfield has to offer. The nice drone man who refused to sell her one of them on account of her gender is still there behind the counter. Though he is on the floor, a wood chopping axe buried in the back of his head.]

D: [On her way through town again, though this time she's loaded up on weapons and is heading straight towards the Mayor's office with a grim look on her face. She's getting out of here, she's going back home and she's saving her sister. Well, if she doesn't get droned.]

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[She's on her way back from the trash dump, having disposed of her "Christmas present". There are some blood stains still on her pants from the effort.]

Italy... Are you alright?

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[What first comes to mind is the younger Italy, the one in Mayfield, but once her eyes widen she realizes that this is not the case.]

She's not in these town. Nothing could possibly hurt her when she's not under these awful circumstances. [However, she does advance to sit down next to Romana, glancing curiously at her mirror.]

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[Her shoulders tense at the sight; the destruction is familiar even if the time period is completely wrong.]

...Where did you get that?

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[She doesn't recognize the houses or even the weaponry, but it's distressing all the same. With a firm hand, she urges Romana to put the mirror away.]

Nothing is happening at home. Whatever you remember last is probably going to be the same when you get back. Time moves differently here.

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[And to make things worse, here's Seborga stumbling through the front door with third degree burns all over his body.]

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It was-a my Christmas present...

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N-no... I just-a asked for warmer weather.


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[We've been looking for you, missy. Enough asking around to non-drones and drones alike leads him to the Mayor's office.] Stop right where you are.

You're being rash. Whatever you got this morning or saw, don't let it cloud your judgment.

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And you believe that you'll just happen to find the way out, this time? Did you discover any new information that will help you, may I ask?


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[It's a strange sight to behold in that mirror. First of all - what magic is this?! Second of all - sh-she wasn't kidding, the nations are all female there...]


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. . . I don't have to stop you-- this place will stop you well enough on its own.

Don't you understand?! Brute force is the first thing that everyone tries to get out of here, I've seen it month after month after month-- all to no avail. [Slaps a hand to his chest] My own-- My first "son" here, Simon, was the most stubborn, bullheaded of them all, and he even organized a small army to attack this very place.

I know what it feels like, to be powerless to protect those you care about. You can't help it, though!! NONE OF US CAN HELP IT!!

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[He's seen a freshly murdered body, a man who wants to chop his own limbs off, a young man set aflame-- He does not flinch at a gun being pointed at him. He looks at her square in the eyes.]


[Does he have your attention now?]

..I saved him, but he suffered significant injuries. You are only lying to yourself. You know I'm right, know that this will only end in your brainwashing, or worse. Yes, you would sacrifice yourself like that, and I have nothing but respect for you for that...but what point is there to thoughtless sacrifice?

While you're brainwashed, your friends here are in danger. Will you risk that?


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