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[Even though her argument with Australia was long over, his words and their sting had stayed in her head. He thought that he was so great, because he was the one earning a salary while she stayed home, dealt with his occasionally bratty girl, and that weird son, cooking, cleaning, being the homemaker. Ha. Holding down a job wasn't that hard. She could show him if she wanted.

That's why when Mayfield
delivers a large suitcase, full of make up samples, a price list and instructions for her new job, as well as her old military uniform, Romana doesn't ignore it like she usually would. Instead, she puts the uniform on, takes the case in hand, and charges out into the neighbourhood.

she'll show him]

[Mayfield, please enjoy the stubborn Italian woman knocking on your doors, delightfully fake smile in place as she holds up the case]

Ciao~ Is there a Signorina here who would be interesting in trying a few samples. We've just got a new line in, and trust me, you would look gorgeous with these colours.

[There is no escape]

[ooc: Also, much like Vitt has gone and changed the human name of Hong Kong, due to new information, I've decided to change Romana's human name to Chiara. If she's mentioned Lovina to you before, please pretend as if it was always Chiara. Thank you.]

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Um, I'm pretty sure she's got a lot of makeup. But it could be pretty easy to convince her to buy more?

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Yeah, I bet. All you have to do is hint she doesn't look too great.

Seems kinda mean, though.

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When a girl shows up at his door dressed like that, Quinn will pretty much buy anything.]

Yeah, I'm sure she'd just love whatever it is. Ya know. Drones 'n' all.

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Make-up, huh? So even Mayfield's got Avon ladies? Well, if ya wanna talk to her, it's up ta you. But I'm sure she'll just ask me to pay for it anyway!

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The fuck? I'm a guy damn it!

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Yeah, but are ya that freaking interested in talk to a fucking drone?

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[suddenly opportunities. opportunities everywhere]

Whatever you are selling, I will take three.

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[all the better to spend Ciel's money]

Do you sell them in cases or individually? I may be assuming wrong.

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hope it's okay that...he totally won't recognize her... ;3; [1/2]

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[Opens the door while Kallen is out/busy. Oh, these drones why can't they leave us alone when we're angsting about being gone for 7 1/2 months..]

...Please come another time. The misses is indisposed at the moment.


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. . ? That uniform... [just a little disbelieving staring]


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[This obviously female woman answers the door. Large breasts? Check. Skirt? Mayfield issue, but check. She smiles politely but shakes her head.]

No, no women live...

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[She trails off and looks as though someone has murdered a kitten right in front of her eyes. She's just remembered that she's female.]

Yes, what can I do for you?

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[Takes one look at that uniform, and- okay, maybe two looks- and replies in Italian.]


I'm not lettin' that drone that I didn't marry spend my money that I worked hard for on... whatever it is you're sellin'.

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I'm sorry, but we don't want an--

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You look very familiar for some reason...

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Sweet dreams!

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It's alright <3

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[Yuki is getting a lot of visitors lately. The door swings open to the pale, unsmiling, ghostly visage of a girl in a traditional Japanese school's uniform. She stares at Chiara silently.

You might have your work cut out for you.]