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๑ Personality ๑

A nation of romance, passion and most importantly, pasta with plenty of tomatoes, Romana is many things. Stubborn, hard to impress as well as being a woman to hold grudges, she is also motherly, strong and proud, of not only herself or her family, but of her people. She’s a woman who will never give up on someone she cares about, and despite being often temperamental at times, she can also be rather sweet and affectionate when it suits her. She is also a woman who is not as confident as she may seem, yet at the same time is completely aware what her feminine charms can get her, and when those fail, what a few nice threats can achieve. A nation of contradictions.

There are many things Romana is stubborn about, including her religion, her family and their wellbeing. She’s unwilling to hear any harsh words against her religion, often leading to arguments when someone attempts to criticise it, and this also occurs when someone criticises one of her family member’s. In her eyes no one will ever be truly good enough for Venezia, North Italy, and she is so set in this belief there is no use even attempting to convince her otherwise. She’s also been known to ignore any of her sister’s faults when someone points them out, yet at the same time, she will point the same flaws out when she notices them. But it’s different, they’re sister’s, and as such only Romana can point out the flaws her family member’s have, while defending those flaws when another remarks on them.

She believes in her religion whole heartedly, but she does know its flaws. Still, it’s wise not to mention them to her, unless you want an irate woman. She also tries to be a good Catholic, though she’s been known to lapse her and there, especially in the case of Nyotalia Spain. It’s difficult, the bible frowns upon a relationship and in term, Romana’s not entirely sure how she feels about Spain, is it romantic, a friendship or a family relationship. Unfortunately, rather than attempt to figure it out, she avoids the issue and the two have a slightly shaky but relatively okay relationship where Romana calls Spain out on her dumb ideas, but at the same time, will defend her if she needs it.

Like the stereotypical Italian woman she’s a good if not brilliant cook, and it’s a task she rather enjoys. There’s always plenty of food on the table and if you reject her (repeated) offerings for seconds she’ll either be deeply offended and embarrassed that her cooking isn’t good enough, or ignore you and keep offering or even rant at you for not appreciating the food she’s slaved so hard over. Nothing like a good old guilt trip, and like I said she’s stubborn. No is simply a maybe, 1 meatball clearly means 3. It’s easier to just take the food you’ve been given and ask if you can take it home. You may end up with a metric fuckton of food but at least you won’t have an offended Italian.

She also takes great pride in her house and she’s the one that makes sure it’s clean, that Venezia’s paints are in her studio and Seaborg’s clothes are in the closet and not on the floor. She’s definitely the mother of the Italian sibling’s, and it’s her that fusses over her sisters’ the most, almost suffocating them in attention at times. Like her male self, Romana does not approve of the relationship between Venezia and Germany, though this disapproval did not become as strong as it currently is until after the Second World War, especially with Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Northern half of Italy, all the way down to Rome, after Italy signed the armistice with the Allies. This, in Romana’s opinion was crossing a very delicate line and she has never truly forgiven the German nation for those actions even if Germany herself had no control over her boss’s actions. They currently have a very tentative relationship, the only thing stopping Romana from kicking Germany into Mount Vesuvius being the tears she knows Venezia would produce. Romana will do pretty much anything for her family, including the other Italian nations as well as the Italian people or pretty much anyone she cares for. Children, for example, will always win her over despite how hard adults may try, especially with an impressive display of tears. They’re her number one weakness.

Speaking of her sister, Romana and Venezia have a far better relationship than Romano and Veneziano. Sure, they fight sometimes, but what sister’s don’t. Sure there’s a little bit of self confidence issues on Romana’s side, with her sister being the curvier one. In Romana’s mind, her slim waist and smaller bust can’t compare to her sister’s wide hips and larger chest, though in reality the sizes between the two aren’t that big, and Romana tends to not notice that she’s just as attractive as her sister, she just caters to a different audience. Her sister’s also a lot less modest that Romana in terms of dress, Venezia being more than happy to run around in short skirts and stomach showing shirts while Romana sticks to her knee length sundress’s and pastel colours. This difference in dress means that it’s only naturally that Venezia attracts so much more attention, especially when you add in her tendency to be easily excited and loud.

That doesn’t mean that Romana’s some shy little wall flower, like I said, she’s temperamental, she’s passionate. If she has a probably with someone’s opinion or ideas she’ll point it out, as well as point out all the flaws she can think of. This little lecture can often be coupled with violence, often a light bop to the head as if to punctuate her point. Just because she enjoys cooking, cleaning, and over all can seem like a traditional housewife, happy with her chores, doesn’t mean she is one. She’s a fan of team work, and if you even dare complain about being bored around her you’ll be quickly saddled with a few dozen tasks that need to be done. And if you know what’s good for you you’d best do them or she’ll chase you down, nag, and eventually they will be done. By your hands. She can be quite the bossy little woman at times.

As such, she’s not as easily pushed around as the male South Italy is. She is respected and liked within the mafia rather than abused, even though they have attempted to shelter her once or twice. Romana however isn’t about to put up with that bull and while she’s learnt many skills from the mafia she generally ignores their actions unless they start to sneak into the North of Italy, or begin to harm too many civilians. They’re her problem, and like a mother lecturing their naughty children she can be quick to pull them into line. But they’re a bit too hard to get rid of, so what can she do. Plus, a part of her likes having that power, the ability to use them as a threat. But they have served to make her stronger, teach her things she would never have known, and in a way they’re like her. Family first.

This connection to the mafia, as well as the true skill of the Italian soldiers in World War 2, ("The German soldier has impressed the world... However the Italian Bersaglieri has impressed the German soldier.” –Rommel. “The Italians were willing, unselfish and good comrades in the frontline. There can be no disputing that the achievement of all the Italian units, especially the motorised elements, far outstripped any action of the Italian Army for 100 years. Many Italian generals and officers earned our respect as men as well as soldiers”-Rommel.) means that Romana is a capable and relatively strong fighter, certainly a better one than Romano, as noted by Himaruya in his solitary character note, she is better at fighting than her male counterpart. She’ll rarely back down from a fight when it concerns someone she cares about, and she’ll do her utmost to win, even if it occasionally means having to accept help of those she dislikes for silly reasons (America is an overexposed bimbo, England a silly woman who wishes she was younger than she is, France a woman who can be quite snobby at times, all in Romana’s opinion. Things like that.)

Overall, Romana is a woman who loves as fiercely as she fights, who cleans and cooks and is the mother of her family, but isn’t about to walked over as if she’s a submissive housewife. She can be hard to impress, but just keep trying and eventually you can crack through her shell and once you’re in her heart she’ll never let you out of it.

Unless you hurt her sister, and then it’s a trip to see the fishies for you.

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